While some say pets are real lovable and loving companion, there is a more challenging side to having a pet. Aside from the hassles of maintenance, required care and attention and all that jazz, some pets necessitate patient devotion in training and building their skills.

Here are some tips for Chesapeake Bay retriever training.

We have known that Chessies are brave, intelligent and have tough hunting instincts. They are also very trainable but searching through its history they tend to take time in learning new tricks.

But above all, Chessies are versatile: they can compete in field activities, hunting tests; and always, their obedience has always been proven strong. Theyre agile, gifted with strong stamina and they are true to their hunting roots. Some trainers now have found a way to lessen their workout complications and have found that they can learn at high-speed with the right technique and treatment. It is recommended that the owners or trainers have strong will and daily imposition of authority balanced with an acceptable amount of play time to levy love and respect. Physical discipline is not advisable or needed in any way. These dogs have the right not to be hurt, too.

Through history, Chesapeake Bay retriever training involves engagements in the rough icy waters. This is why they have been coined as the waterfowl hunters. They have shown great ability to retrieve around a hundred birds from the raging rapid waters. Their oily coat protects them from getting fragile at whatever cold temperature there is to the body of water. They have proven to be experts in tracking, hunting, retrieving, and may even be perfect as watchdogs. They pay great respect to their owners and they are very obedient.

Chesapeake Bay retriever training also includes regular physical and mental motivation. For the physical, this means daily exercise and a variety of physical activities. It is a must that Chessies let out their energy through play and workouts. These shall be good to stimulate their muscles and maintain a healthy and happy well-being. At the same time, mentally, they are being challenge to practice their intelligence in working through the activities presented them.

While other dogs love playing fetch in the park, owners can play fetch with Chessies in the water. They love swimming and water fun so much theyd do anything to get wet! They have very intense energy even the owner will be the one to exhaust first.

Socialization should be on the owners agenda of Chesapeake Bay retriever training, too. They may be lovable but they are not as super jolly as other retriever dogs. They tend to be aggressive and they are strong-willed by nature. To get them to get along easily with people and other pets, it is necessary for them to mingle with people, animals and in different surroundings.

Above all, the most important thing in training your Chessie is to treat them with so much love. Dogs react wonderfully to affection and they surely make a dependable and loyal companion